Types of WordPress Projects

WordPress projects can be categorized to 3 types, depending on the level of customization involved.


Three ways to build a WordPress site:

  1. With a theme, without customization
    With this option, you have WordPress data in place using posts, pages, categories, tags, etc.—what WordPress provides by default. The appearance comes from the theme, like a visual layer on top of the content.
  2. With a starter theme, with some customization using a Child Theme (what we’ll be doing in this course)
    We’re using the theme called 2016, one of the themes that comes with WordPress by default. Add content to the site while using the default theme. Then you can try different themes on, or start customizing using a child theme, which is like an extension of the starter theme—a package of your changes.
  3. Complete customization
    Not even necessarily relying on the native WP website structure. Even the admin area is customized.


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