Lesson 1: It's All about Process

In this lesson, we kick off the class with an overview of what we'll be doing and why process is so important in building modern websites, particularly when it comes to clients. We get started on our sites by installing Timber and a starter theme and creating content lists and beginning to map WordPress's content types to ours.

Week One Live Session: Wednesday, May 25

Watch the replay:

Lesson Plan

  1. Intros. Why are you taking this class?
  2. Class overview and project discussion.
  3. My process:
    1. Working with clients, contract and scoping
    2. Importance of content
    3. CMS first approach
    4. Layering on design
    5. Deploying and updating WordPress sites
  4. Themes vs. Websites - when to go custom.
  5. Timber and ACF - what are they? When/why would you use them?
  6. Starting your site
    1. Setting up your environment
      1. Install WordPress
      2. Install the Tackle Box branch of the Timber Starter Theme (demo with Git)
      3. Install the Timber Library plugin
      4. Install ACF (Pro is recommended)
    2. Listing content and URLs
    3. Mapping those to WordPress